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PAYPAL NOT REQUIRED, but Direct payments from Paypal or bank funds are much appreciated (since it doesn't charge me fees). Thank you!!!

There are several ways to contribute:
Share this site & share your profile or stories via blogs, fund, interviews, or possibly sponsorship/ad placement in the future! My vision to bring great martial artists and fans like you together, cannot happen without you!

This project is being funded out of pocket the web expenses, A LOT of time, energy, utilities, and tea and whatever fuels one creator. If I'm lucky, I can afford to keep it running and spend more time on it, to maximize its greatness in bringing together martial artist like you!

Although initially the cost of users won't be $860 million per month, or $1/user per month, like Facebook in 2012, (which has doubled users since), it can still get expensive with growing users. Web server space, bandwidth, and even 1 stock photo can cost up to $500 EACH, if I want to write about celebrity Martial Artist. There was a BRILLIANT MA social media site in the past, that got so big, it was featured in a recognized MA magazine. But sadly it grew too fast that the creator was no longer able to keep up with maintenance or afford the expenses, so it was shut down. :(

Small company I work for spends over $1k/mo just to have sites running (not including all the other services required, e.g. data storage/transfer, SSL, etc). We have a lot of traffic but much of the expense might be photo & user data storage/database.

I hope this site will grow, but at an affordable pace with enough funds from contributions and multiple sources such as possibly sponsors or ads. If you'd like to help with funds & survival:

Any amount of contribution would help and much appreciated!!! Also if you subscribe contributions monthly! Even if you can't, it helps to share this website to your fellow martial artists and enthusiasts!

Credit/Debit are also accepted via Paypal but Direct Paypal & Bank transfers doesn't take fees from total. Any amount is helpful!

SPONSORS AND ADS: Will be considered in the future,. please reach out if you're interested. In the meantime, standard ads may be in place in hopes to fund the site.

INTERVIEWS: Looking for martial artists! If you'd like to a short interview with free photography for your chance to be featured in an article, please reach out with why you should be interviewed and your info and availability! Interview is voluntary and doesn't guarantee being written in an article, or individually replied to. Photography is for locals or those willing to travel. Please be patient as I reach out to inquiries, because I'm just one person! :)